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Why this blog
The Conference will be dominated by a federalist establishment that want to further the European project. The most important decisions will be made by a small group of true believers, most of them unelected, behind closed doors. The daily work will be carried out by EU-officials especially chosen to staff the “political secretariat” for their loyalty to the European project. This small grouping of establishment euro-federalist politicians and staffers do not represent the peoples of Europe. Their narrative and spin needs to be exposed and un-spun. That is what this blog will do.

What content to expect
This blog will provide news, commentary and analysis on the conference from our perspective. Useful links to others providing similar content will be featured and those that wish to act will find guides and advice on how to have the best chance to have a (minimal) impact on the Conference proceedings and outcome.  

What this blog seeks to accomplish
Inform and engage citizens by providing a no-spin version of proceedings. Monitor and theĀ document the proceedings for future reference to challenge the legitimacy of the Conference and to counter demands for more EU power emerging from it. The blog will to promote the use of national referenda to either challenge or to provide democratic legitimacy to proposals emerging from the Conference on the Future of Europe.