OUR MISSION – Scrutinising the Conference on the Future of Europe

A real Conference on the Future of the European Union would seek to honestly discover, through debate and dialogue, which direction Member State citizens’ wish to take the EU in. It would explore the hypothesis that the voters don’t want an EU foreign policy or harmonized social- and tax regulations or that the next generation might not want wealth transfers or a health union. It would accept and respect the possibility that Europeans may not want an ever-closer union and that voters may wish to scale back integration i.e. less Europe, not more.

The European Union is at a crossroads and we are served a charade instead of a real examination and thorough evaluation of the EU’s mission and means.

The “Conference on the Future of the European Union” will consist of countless lengthy meetings, discussions and debates. It will publish legions of reports and release multitudes of statements. It will contain many proposals for reforms and suggestions for change. It will be enough to cause indigestion even for those with an appetite for this kind of dish.

Only a tiny fraction of EU citizens will ever have any part in the Conference’s proceedings and most will never even know of its existence. But one thing this blog can claim for sure is that, most Europeans do not want their country, kingdom, republic or duchy to be subsumed into a union and their nation to perish from the earth.

This blog will provide timely information and accurate analysis on what is being said, by whom, and explain what this conference is really about, to provide those beyond the Brussels bubble that have not learned the local lingo and that do not have the time, tools or tenacity to get engaged and protest.

Our mission is to advocate for the idea to entrust the right path forward for Europe to member state democracies. A real conference would put each of the current competencies and proposed powers to the test in a series of national referendums and/or elections.

The “Conference on the Future of Europe” is a project of the elites, by the elites and for the elites. The purpose of this year-long charade is not to find what the citizens of the various states want, but to orchestrate the perception that the establishment has the backing of the peoples to endorse a predetermined outcome in a vain attempt to legitimize the next push towards a European federal state.

The only legitimate foundation for proposals for further EU integration is to command the support of a majority in all member states of the Union.

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