“Just cancel the whole thing already” – says EU insider

Writing for EUObserver, Andras Baneth, a former EU Commission official with the Barroso commission and, as the author of the “Ultimate EU Test Book”, the best-seller on EU exams for those seeking EU careers, a real “EU insider”, raises the question:

“Why would a random, unrepresentative mix of civil servants, self-appointed opinion leaders, and vocal activists be the ones to decide where the EU should be heading?”

Indeed, why would it?

He goes on:

“European voters may decide that they do not want further integration or an ever closer union, so they choose representatives and leaders who wish to leave the EU, or perhaps bring the European Union back to the essence of European integration.

That may lead to the dismantling or scaling back of the dwindling and largely failing EU foreign policy, social, or tax regulations, and focusing on the core ‘four freedoms’ to create a real internal market that benefits everyone.

Is the Conference on the Future of Europe ready to contemplate such radical ideas?”

Asking the question is giving the answer. The author is absolutely right, when he writes: “Just cancel the Future of Europe Conference”.

This conference is clearly not the right path forward for Europe.

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