A “Largely ignored Conference”

In a new article, Euractiv, calls the “Conference on the Future of Europe” a “Largely ignored Conference”. It mentions that outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently suggested to use the talking shop to discuss the recent ruling by the Polish supreme court on the supremacy of the EU Treaties over the Polish Constitution. Merkel said CoFoE was “actually a good place to discuss” this thing.

The backstory is that Merkel is worried to clash with Poland and Hungary, saying “it is getting harder and harder” to find compromises between European Union countries on hot-button issues like migration and the rule of law.

What better forum to basically bury the existing tensions then the CofoE talking shop, where “citizens” along with “experts” – the usual suspects – parrot statements in support of more power for the EU.

The Euractiv piece highlights how important people basically ignore the whole thing. “The first three rows should be VIPs or guests; not many of them are here,” Mark Plesko, representative of the Slovenian national panels revealed, as, according to him, the lack of high-level interest in the conference “is an excellent metaphor for the European Union.”

Also, “very few EU citizens participated via the digital platform”, Euractiv adds: only 22,500 participants, which is “relatively low”, as the platform received 3.5 million unique visitors.

One conclusion should already be clear now: the legitimacy of this thing is zero, so none of the EU-fanatic suggestions coming out of it should be dignified with any attention.

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