Talking shops fail to generate interest

More details are emerging about the failure of the “Conference on the Future of Europe” to actually represent … an actual “Conference on the Future of Europe”. For now, the name “EU talking shop” would be a more appropriate name.

This is yet more evident as according to new revelations that “over half of the online panel participants” on 5 November stated to not have seen media coverage of CoFoE, noting that interest at national level was lacking.

One CoFoE partipant testifies to Euractiv:

“I tried to speak about this to media representatives, but here in Cyprus, Europe seems like something far away”.

Another participant mentions the reason why journalists can’t be bothered to cover the event:

“There are too many topics to discuss, and there is no time at the end of group discussions to make a proper sum up. There is not enough time to speak about proposals, only keywords or general ideas.”

Of course, this doesn’t stop MEP Charles Goerens – from Luxembourg – from claiming that CoFoE is “the largest democratic reflection this continent has ever known”.

It also won’t stop the usual suspects – from French President Macron to money and power hungry MEPs – from attempting to use whatever comes out of CoFoE as a legitimate justification to further their agenda of EU centralization.  

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